Zong Postpaid Z900 Offer 2017

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Zong Postpaid Z900 Offer 2017. Zong postpaid. Zong postpaid offer. Zong postpaid Z900 package. Zong postpaid call sms offer. Zong 3g 4g inernet packages. Zong postpaid unlimited free zong to zong call offer. Zong postpaid other nework call sms offer. Zong postpaid Z300 offer. Zong postpaod Z500 Offer. Now U can enjoy Zong Z900 Package.


Zong Postpaid Z900 Offer 2017


Zong Postpaid Z900 Offer 2017


Zong Postpaid Z900 Offer 2017


Line Rent Freebies:

Monthly Line Rent Rs. 900+tax
Minimum Security Deposit Rs. 2,000
FREE On-Net Mins Unlimited
FREE Off-Net Mins 500
FREE SMS 2,000
FREE Mobile Internet (MB) 4,000

* all Rents are Exclusive of taxes

Basic Tariff:

On-Net Call (60 Sec)- PKR 0
Off-Net Call (60 Sec)- PKR 1.25
All Net SMS (Local)- PKR 0.5
Default Intl’ (Per MB)- PKR 1


Additional Features:

  • Enhance Credit Limit by 5%:
  • Credit Limit Notification:
  • FREE Itemized Bill by Email
  • Bill Notifications by SMS
  • Pro-ration in the First Billing Cycle of Line Rent & Freebies
  • No Call Set-up Charges


Zong Postpaid Z300 Free Call SMS 3G Internet Package

Zong Postpaid Z500 Free Call SMS 3G 4G monthly Internet Package


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