Zong Postpaid Z500 Package Call SMS 3G 4G

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Zong Postpaid Z500 Package Call SMS 3G 4G. Zong Postpaid. Zong postpaid package. Zong postpaid call package. Zong postpaid monthly call sms offer. Zong monthly 3g and 4g package. Zong latest Z300 Monthly offer. Zong postpaid unlimited call free sms free facebook and whatsapp internet package. Zong upgrade postpaid package 2017.


Zong Postpaid Z500 Package Call SMS 3G 4G


Zong Postpaid Z500 Package Call SMS 3G 4G


Zong Postpaid Z500 Package Call SMS 3G 4G




How Can I Activate these Packages?

For Activation and Further Details please call 310 Helpline or visit the nearest Customer Service Center / Franchise.

How can I increase my credit limit by 5%?

You will receive an SMS on consumption of 90% Credit Limit, where you can enhance your limit by 5% for only PKR 5+Tax. The increased Limit would be deducted from our next billing cycle

How will I know my credit limit?

On Activation of your Package you will receive an SMS for your Credit Limit (which is equal to the initial security deposit). You can also SMS ‘CL’ to 567 to get your current monthly credit limit.


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