Zong 4G Internet Setting for Android Smartphone

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Zong 4G Internet Setting for Android Smartphone. Do you have the issue with Zong Internet Setting for Android smartphone? Don’t worry; this post is all about to teach you.Normally, we have can easily connect the internet and only enabling the data connection but there is few smartphone like Samsung and Nokia which didn’t connect to the web automatically. For such phones, we have to do setting manually.


Zong 4G Internet Setting for Android Smartphone

Zong 4G Internet Setting for Android Smartphone

Zong 4G Internet Setting for Android Smartphone


We know that the Zong is number one data network in Pakistan and it is the first telecom in Pakistan to bring the 4G LTE. It provides the fastest speed for their customers at very reasonable rates.As I said that, most of the smartphone didn’t have any issue when you connect to 3G or 4G internet because these get the setting automatically.But sometimes, you have to need to re-insert the SIM to get the new configuration. In some case, you have to ask mobile operator to send you internet settings.But for any reason you are not able to connect the 4G internet work on your smartphone, we will cover below how you can do that by manually.


Zong Internet Setting for Android

Remember that these settings are an account to latest Android release. However, some of the menu options may be changed or different from your smartphone. It is because you are may using an older version of Android OS.

You have to follow the steps below to get Zong LTE or 3G working on your Android phone.

Here is  Zong 4gG APN settings

  • First Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names.
  • Click the ‘Add’ button at the top right corner.
  • Now enter the following settings:
    Name: Zong Internet (You can also add anything you like)
    APN: zonginternet (Without Spaces)
    APN Type: default
    Authentication Type: None
    Username / Login Name: (leave it black)
    Password: (leave it black)
  • You can leave all the other fields blank as they are and save these settings.

That’s simple, and you don’t need to do anything else. Now your mobile internet will start working. But wait, if you have an issue, you have to make sure data connect should be ON.

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