What Is 3G Technology

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What Is 3G Technology  , How 3G Works. What is 3G , What 2G Sim Supports the 3G . Comperision Between 2G and 3G .


What Is 3G Technology

Am I required to replace my existing 2G SIM Card?

3G will work on your existing Ufone 2G SIM card. You will not be required to change your SIM card.

What Is 3G Technology .

If my SIM card does not support 3G for any reason, will I get a free SIM replacement?


What Is 3G Technology .

How do I know if I am in 3G coverage area?

When you are in a Ufone 3G area & if your handset shows “3G”,“H” or “H+” on the top of the screen next to the network signal bars, it means that your phone is 3G compatible and you can use 3G services. You can also dial *3344# to find out if you are in a 3G coverage area.  What Is 3G Technology .

What will happen if I am out of 3G coverage area?

You will continue to access GPRS/EDGE services in areas where 3G coverage is not available.

What Is 3G Technology .

How fast is 3G speed as compared to 2G?

PTA’s 3G Information Memorandum obligates telecom operators to provide speeds of at least 256Kbps to users.
What Is 3G Technology .

On what factors does 3G speed depend?

Speed depends on the handset, coverage, network traffic and number of users currently using the 3G network at that point of time.

What Is 3G Technology .

What is the limit on data transfer each month? How do I know if I’ve exceeded this limit? Does an unlimited plan from Ufone really let me transfer unlimited amounts of data?

This will be based on the 3G package plan that you will activate. Ufone will keep you informed at all times of your usage.

What will happen to my current voice package/rates?

Your voice package rates remain the same.

What Is 3G Technology

Is it possible to take 2G (EDGE)/3G data plan in parallel?

Ufone has a single portfolio for both 2G and 3G bundles. All bundles will be subscribe-able and work in 3G areas, but as soon as user leaves 3G area, they will continue to work on EDGE/GPRS speed.

Does 3G improve the voice quality automatically?

Yes, the voice quality is improved on 3G. 3G enables additional capacity to further support peak voice usage.

What Is 3G Technology

How much data do I consume when I make a video call?

Video calls do not use data channels on the Ufone 3G network but access voice channels.Therefore you will not be consuming any data but get billed according to the number of minutes spoken multiplied by the rate per minute.

What Is 3G Technology

What do I do when I am unable to make a video call despite having a 3G enabled handset in a 3G coverage area?

To make a video call, it is necessary for both parties to have a 3G enabled phone with video calling capability while connected to a 3G network. In such a situation, you need to check if the person you are trying to call has a video compatible 3G phone and is connected to 3G network. If all the required conditions are fulfilled and the video call is still not established, please call our Ufone Customer Care Service.  What Is 3G Technology .

Will I be able to make a video call to other networks?

No, for the time being you can only make video calls from .

I have a 3G handset and enter an area with no 3G coverage. What will happen to my voice call / video call/ Internet surfing / downloading of a music/video file?

When you move from a 3G to a 2G network, all the services supported on the Ufone 3G network such as video call, will not be available. You will switch to basic 2G network and the call will continue without any interruption.
What Is 3G Technology .

Can I instantly stop 3G packages?

Yes. You can instantly stop 3G packages by dialing *7701#

How can I find out if my current phone supports 3G?

Type ‘3G’ and send to 5544 to find out if your handset supports 3G. Once you are in Ufone’s 3G network area & if your handset shows “3G,“H” and “H+” on the top of the screen next to the network signal bars, it means that your phone is 3G compatible and you can use the 3G services.

Do I need to configure any special settings on my phone to use 3G?

No, you do not need any additional settings to use 3G on your phone. However, you have to ensure that you are latched on to a 3G network once the 3G service is activated. For this you need to change the network mode to UMTS/WCDMA.

Are there any specific features to look for while buying a 3G phone?

Not all mobile handsets available in the market support the 3G network, and others offer sub-optimal performance. There are two kinds of 3G phones available – HSPA and WCDMA enabled. Ufone recommends using HSPA handsets for higher speeds and the best 3G experiences.

In which cities is  3G available?

For details about 3G coverage, please click

Will 3G work while on roaming?

Yes, it will work while you are on roaming on 3G network in a 3G coverage area, however 3G roaming charges will be applicable. What Is 3G Technology .

Can I make a video call while using other operator network while roaming?

Yes, you can use all 3G services seamlessly while roaming on other operator network if we have a roaming tie-up with that particular operator.

What are smartphones?

A mobile phone that is able to perform many of the functions of a computer, typically having a relatively large screen and an operating system capable of running general-purpose applications.


What Is 3G Technology .

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