Warid Mobile Paisa Charges

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Warid Mobile Paisa Charges

Warid Mobile Paisa Charges

Warid Mobile Paisa Charges


Money Transfer – Convenient and Secure with Mobile Paisa

Be it business, education or a job, people associated with every profession face the need of transferring money for one purpose or another. To serve this need, there are various utilities available, for example money order, pay order, bank draft, etc. along with several other traditional methods of guarantees.

Warid Mobile Paisa Charges.

Unfortunately, all these utilities have a lengthy process attached to them or involve different forms of hindrances like long queues, unnecessary paperwork, work hour limitations or delay in transfer of money. However, Mobile Paisa offers a convenient and secured solution to money transfer. You can transfer money to any destination in Pakistan, all you need is the cash to be transferred, valid and original CNIC with a copy and the CNIC number of the recipient of money.

Warid Mobile Paisa Charges.

Product Features

  • Any person with a valid Nadra CNIC can send or receive money nationwide through thousands of Mobile Paisa Agents, at any time of the day.
  • Warid Mobile Paisa Charges.
  • This service is not limited to Warid or Bank Alfalah customers. Any one with valid CNIC can avail this service.
  • Stamped receipt will be provided as a proof of transaction.
  • Both Sender and Receiver will receive an instant SMS message on completion of a successful money transfer transaction.
  • Warid Mobile Paisa Charges.

Upon visiting a Mobile Paisa Shop, the Sender must provide the following for a successful Money Transfer Transaction
While at a Mobile Paisa Shop, the Receiver must provide following for a successful Money Transfer Transaction

Note: Expired or Colored NADRA CNIC copy will not be acceptable.

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Service Charges

Money Transfer Service Charges

OTC – Money Transfer (Fee and Commission Split)

Range Start Range End Fee with FED Fee FED
0 1,000 60 51.72 8.28
1,001 2,500 120 103.45 16.55
2,501 4,000 180 155.17 24.83
4,001 6,000 240 206.90 33.10
6,001 8,000 300 258.62 41.38
8,001 10,000 360 310.35 49.65
10,001 13,000 420 362.07 57.93
13,001 15,000 480 413.79 66.21

16% FED is applied to all charges as per Govt. regulations.

Sending & Receiving Transactional Limits:
  • Rs.15,000 per month on a CNIC.
  • There is no limit on number of transactions per CNIC in a month.

For More Detail Please Visit : http://mobilepaisa.com.pk/services/money-transfer/

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