Warid LTE 4G Wingle

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Warid LTE 4G Wingle  , Warid LTE WIFI Wingle . Warid 4G USB , Warid LTE 4G WIFI USB. Warid Wingle Double Data Offer. Warid LTE 4G Double Data Offer.

Warid LTE 4G Wingle

Warid LTE 4G Wingle

Warid LTE 4G Wingle

Warid Wingle

Purchase your Warid 4G LTE Wingle Now and get Double GBs for first three months. The data volume for all packages will be doubled for this duration!

Warid LTE 4G Wingle

Stay Connected on the go with Warid Wingle!

Why limit your on-the-go web surfing when you can be online everywhere with Warid Wingle, a portable wireless USB dongle that can connect as many as multiple smartphones, tablets or laptops to experience internet at a blazing speed! Warid LTE 4G Wingle .

You can enjoy:

  • The Internet Sharing feature which allows you and any two of your Warid friends or family members to access Internet, anytime, anywhere on their mobile phones, with the ease of a single bill from the same bundle.
  • Warid LTE 4G Wingle .
  • Warid Wingle as a Wifi device which enables Internet connectivity on smartphones, tablets and laptops within a range of 30 feet.

You can buy:

Wingle Bundled Package:

  • Rs. 5999 with 3 Months data of 60 GB (20GBs/Month) 120 GB (40GBs/Month)
  • Warid LTE 4G Wingle .
  • Once the bundled months are over you can opt for any of the three monthly bundles.

Wingle Standalone:

  • Get device for Rs 2,500
  • Warid LTE 4G Wingle .
  • Opt for any one of the following monthly bundles

Monthly Bundles:

Get your preferred Wingle Internet plan now by logging in with your mobile number to the web self-service portal

Wingle Internet Plan Volume Double GB Offer Monthly Charges
Wingle Smart 15GB 30GB Rs. 1500
Wingle Extra 20GB 40GB Rs. 2000
Wingle Ultra 35GB 70GB Rs. 3000

Double GB Offer:

All new subscribers will get double volume of their bundles for the first three months. So use your internet without worrying about GB’s!

Warid Wingle offers:

Shared Internet Plans – You and any two of your Warid friends or family members can access Internet, anytime, anywhere on your mobile phones, with the ease of a single bill which will be billed to the Wingle owner. You can add or delete members to/from your Wingle Internet plan by logging in to the Warid LTE 4G Wingle .
web self-service portal
Multiple Connectivity – Wingle hotspot can connect multiple laptops, mobile phones, tablets or any WiFi enabled peripheral to the web within a range of 30 feet.

Warid LTE 4G Wingle .
On-the-go Coverage – Seamless coverage in all major cities of Pakistan.
Built-in Security – It comes with built-in security systems and no outside devices/users can access it without proper network authentication.

Warid LTE 4G Wingle .

Superfast Speed – Enjoy internet at superfast LTE speeds anytime, anywhere!

Free Trial:

Withpurchase of new Wingle you get 1GB free for 5 days.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Wingle operates on Warid’s LTE network only.
  • Internet usage can be monitored through the web self-service portal.
  • Warid LTE 4G Wingle .
  • Double GB offer applies for only new customers.
  • Double GB offer is valid on both bundle and standalone product. The data volume for first three months will be doubled. If the internet bundle is switched in the first three months, the offer will become void for the user.
  • Warid LTE 4G Wingle .
  • For new Prepaid user, the double GB volume offer will apply on the bundle before the first recharge. So choose your bundle before first recharge.
  • Wingle device broadcasts WiFi connectivity for a distance of up to 30 ft with maximum 10 devices.
  • Warid LTE 4G Wingle
  • You will continue to access GPRS/EDGE services in areas where LTE coverage is not available.
  • For Prepaid Customers: Package change option is available on web self-service portal
  • For Postpaid Customers: Please call 321 or nearest Franchise/Business Center for further assistance.
  • Warid LTE 4G Wingle .
  • Shared internet plans will be available on Wingle by default. Secondary connections can be managed through the web self-service portal.
  • There can be a maximum of two secondary connections with a Wingle shared internet plan.
  • Shared devices can be added/modified/deleted from the web self-service portal.
  • If you do not have a LTE compatible handset you can still share the data on a 2G secondary device as well as long as primary device is Wingle or a mobile with an activated LTE shared internet plan.
  • Warid LTE 4G Wingle .
  • If your Primary internet data allowance is consumed, overage charging will apply to the Wingle device. A Secondary device will be switched to individual plan selected or default charging.
  • Wingle comes with built-in security features that ensure optimum security for your device. There is a unique Wifi key affixed to each device; used as the network connectivity key, compulsory for network authentication. No devices/users can access the device without proper network authentication.
  • SSID and Network/Wifi key can be found at the back of the device and can be read by removing the back cover of the Wingle device
  • Warid LTE 4G Wingle .
  • Terms, conditions and taxes apply

Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA

“Experience the amazing internet speeds by activating your LTE data services and get *1GB for 5 Days Absolutely FREE!”
*This offer is for new LTE subscribers only


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