Warid 4G Wingle Packages And Price 2016

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Warid 4G Wingle Packages And Price 2016


Warid 4G Wingle Packages And Price 2016


Warid 4G Wingle Packages And Price 2016

Warid has launched 4G LTE wingle device in 2015. Now it is available in all major cities of Pakistan. Warid Wingle has super fast speed of up to 150 Mbps. It can be connected to 10 WiFi devices simultaneously. Its built-in WiFi enables internet connectivity within a range of 30 feet. You can only use it with data sim which comes up with wingle. You can purchase Warid wingle with following two options.

1. Wingle Standalone: Purchase Warid wingle in Rs. 2500 and then subscribe any of the monthly package.

2. Wingle with Bundle Package: Purchase wingle in Rs. 6000 and get date of 60 GB free for three months (20GB / per month).

Warid Wingle Monthly Bundles

Three monthly data bundles are available for Warid wingle. Details of these data bundles are as under.


Package Volume Monthly Price
Wingle Smart 15 GB Rs. 1500
Wingle Extra 20 GB Rs. 2000
Wingle Ultra 35 GB Rs. 3000


You can get add-on if your data is consumed before the month. you have to consume add-on within same month. Two types of add-ons are available. Details of these add-ons are as under.

Add-on Volume Price
Add-on 2GBs 2 GB Rs. 300
Add-on 10GBs 10 GB Rs. 750


Warid Wingle Features

Share Internet Data: You can share your wingle internet with any two of your friends. Their usage of internet will be deducted from your data. You can add or remove friends according to your choice.

Built-in Security System: Warid wingle comes up with built-in security system and no device can connect to your wingle without proper authentication.

Connect Multiple Devices: You can connect multiple WiFi devices like laptops, mobiles and tablets within a range of 30 feet.

Terms and Conditions

  • Wingle works with Warid network only.
  • Warid has the right to make changes in date plans at any time.
  • All Government taxes should be applied.
  • You can only share your data plans with only two friends and family members.
  • If you are out of 4G service area, you can still access GPRS/EDGE service.


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