Telenor Launches 4G Wingle Mobile WiFi Devices

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Telenor Launches 4G Wingle Mobile WiFi Devices.Today in an event Telenor Pakistan announced its portable 4G Devices in Pakistan and named them “Telenor 4G Hotspot Wingle” and “4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi”.These devices will come up with only Data SIMs (Internet SIMs) and will be able to run Telenor’s special 4G Packages with 180GBs of bandwidth/month.


Telenor Launches 4G Wingle Mobile WiFi Devices


Telenor Launches 4G Wingle Mobile WiFi Devices

Telenor Launches 4G Wingle Mobile WiFi Devices

Difference Between 4G Hotspot Wingle and 4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi

  • 4G Hotspot Wingle
    • Will work only when plugged in a laptop or a (USB) power source
    • Will create WiFi hotsport for up to 10 connections
    • 4G/3G/2G Fall back option
  • 4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi
    • Can be used without plugging it into any power source
    • Simply press a button to put it on
    • Operates on a battery and hence will need charging
    • Connect up to 16 Wi-Fi devices
    • 1500mAh rechargeable lithium battery
    • Maximum Working Time: 6 hours
    • Maximum Standby Time: 300 hours
    • 4G/3G/2G Fall back option

Telenor 4G Wifi Devices Price

User will have to pay one-time price for both devices as mentioned below

  • 4G Hotspot Wingle: Rs. 2,000
  • 4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi: Rs. 3,000

Telenor Launches 4G Wingle Mobile WiFi Devices

Telenor is providing special launch packages for 4G Wingle and 4G Mobile Wifi devices and these plans can be availed with both devices here are the details of Packages:


  • Runs on Telenor 4G 850 MHz network.
  • It functions without being connected with a USB Port or any other Laptop or Computer as it works on press and play feature. Just press the ON button of the device and enjoy Telenor 4G data usage.
  • It can create a Hotspot connection where 16 Wi-Fi devices including Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Smart Watches, LEDs etc can be connected at once for data usage.
  • It has a fall back option to 2G/3G/4G connectivity.
  • It contains 1500mAh rechargeable lithium battery thus it works when the battery is charged.
  • The device has Maximum Working Time of 6 hours and Maximum Standby Time of 300 hours.


  • The price of Telenor 4G Mi-Fi Hotspot Device is just Rs.3,000.


  • Telenor 4G Wingle & Mobile Wi-Fi devices will be available at all Telenor Pakistan Sales & Service Centers, franchises as well as in selected mobile shops and markets all over Pakistan.


Bundle Name How To Subscribe Subscription Charges 4G Data Volume Validity
4G Monthly Lite Dial: *345*1001# Rs. 1500 20 GBs 30 days
4G Monthly Smart Dial: *345*1002# Rs. 2200 55 GBs 30 days
4G Monthly Value Dial: *345*1003# Rs. 3800 100 GBs 30 days
4G Monthly Unlimited Dial: *345*1004# Rs. 6000 180 GBs 30 days
4G 3-Month Bundle Dial: *345*1005# Rs. 4000 75 GBs 90 days


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