How to Reset Zong 4G Device

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How to Reset Zong 4G Device. Do you forget your Zong 4G device Password? And want to know how to reset Zong 4G Device? Here you will know all about it.The Zong is No 1 data network in Pakistan and why not it is. Zong has more mobile internet customers as compare to other. It’s just because of the level of coverage, high speed and affordable packages have to make the first choice of internet users.


How to Reset Zong 4G Device

How to Reset Zong 4G Device

How to Reset Zong 4G Device


A lot of internet users in Pakistan moving toward the Zong because of its great speed and minimal downtime. The company always bring something exciting to bring more users.

One of recent incrreidable extra volme offer is one of an example which provide 15GB data volume free on 50GB MBB package.

Ok, let’s back to our most important topic that is how can we do rest 4G Wingle device. A lot of new customer having an issue regarding how to change the password or how to reset the device.


How to Reset Zong 4G Device

The question is here, why we do need to rest the Zong 3G/4G MBB device? The simple answer is, you forget your admin interface or wifi passoword. In these both reasons, we do require to reset to get a default password.


There is two way to do rest. The first one is related to Zong interface and the second one is master or hard reset which can be done by opening the device cover and do press the reset button.

Let’s talk about one by one.

Reset Device using Interface

By using the interface, we can easily do rest your device in two different ways. Both ways are almost same but different in operation.

Let’s talk about each of them.

Reboot Reset

The first one is Reboot which will not change the login or wifi details etc. But it will rest your device, and this operation is perfect if you are having issue slow internet or not able to access the internet at all.

Ok, First you need to login to the interface by using the default(admin/admin) username and password.

After login, you have to follow the steps below.

  • First Go to Settings >> Reboot
  • Now you have to press Reboot Button
  • It will take sometime to reset the device.

That’s it nothing else.

Restore Defaults

Another way is to restore to defaults allow to rest each and everything. It will clean SMS, Data consume details, username/password and each and everything.

By using this function, your device will be refresh and look like the brand new device.

After login to the admin interface, you have to do following things.

  • First Go to Settings >> Restore Defaults
  • Now you have to press restore Button
  • It will take sometime to reset the device.

How to hard rest Zong device

The hard rest is only required while you forget the wifi and admin interface login details. Sometimes, it can be used while the internet makes too many problems. Like it does connect and disconnect again and again, or there is a signal problem.

Ok, Let’s take a look how we can do that.

First of all, you have to open the device cover. See the photo below, and you will see that you have to push the device cover opposite side of device USB portal.

Make sure that your device still connected to your laptop or adapter.

Next, you can see a small rest button. You can use any small PIN and press this button until all the lights on the device go OFF.

Hard Rest Zong device

As the device all lights goes OFF, you have to leave the PIN. It will take some time to rest.

That’s it. The device has been reset and now you can keep using it again. All of login and wifi details also been rest.

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