New NICOP Online Application Process

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New NICOP Online Application Process, Now You Can Apply Online Nicop ( New / Renew) easily form pakistan and abroad by following easy steps.

New NICOP Online Application Process

New NICOP Online Application Process

New NICOP Online Application Process

New Overseas ID Card (NICOP)

You can apply online for a new NICOP as per below given options:


You can apply here in case you already possess a 13 digit NADRA’s issued identity number which can be a CRC, NICOP, CNIC or Smart ID. Please note

  • Your first identity document will be converted to NICOP.
  • This option is also valid for modification of NICOP.
  • New NICOP Online Application Process.


You can apply here in case you do not possess a 13 digit NADRA issued identity number which can be a CRC/NICOP/CNIC/Smart CNIC. Your first identity document will be converted to NICOP. Please note that in this case, supporting documents will be required.

NOTE: Please note that Passport number is a mandatory pre-requisite in case of applying for NICOP of new born babies


Applying for NICOP

Refer to the following slideshow to view the steps for getting a New NICOP on Pak-Identity:

Once you have registered and prepared with you the photograph and supporting documents, you are now ready to apply for your New Overseas ID at Pak-Identity.

  • Create an application in the NEW NICOP category.
  • Choose from the IDENTITY HOLDER and NO PREVIOUS IDENTITY options to proceed.


  • In case the applicant is an IDENTITY HOLDER, Payment is received at the third step and card data is exposed to the applicant.
  • New NICOP Online Application Process.
  • In case the applicant has NO PREVIOUS IDENTITY, Payment is taken at the end of the application.
  • Provide the required personal details.
  • Upload your photograph as per specifications defined in Photograph Tutorial
  • Upload the supporting documents
  • Submit the verifier details.

NOTE: Provide details of two verifiers if applying for NICOP. Each verifier must be an adult with a valid CNIC/NICOP

New NICOP Online Application Process

New NICOP Online Application Process


  • Edit the suggestive online Urdu data form. The names provided in English shall be translated automatically.


  • Please note that the data populated in the online Urdu form is only the suggestive text as per the best system knowledge.
  • Applicants must review and customize the information according to their requirement. In case of any changes required, Urdu keyboard option to customize the information is also available.
  • This information can also be corrected manually on the printed Urdu form
  • Download the form and capture 4 fingerprints , as requested by the system. Fill in the verifier information in the form.
  • Set the scanner at 600 DPI, JPEG/JPG and Grayscale and then scan and upload the form.
  • Review the information you provided, sign the declaration and then submit the application.
  • New NICOP Online Application Process.


How Long will the Online Application Process take?

The online application process differs for each category you apply in. The following table shows the approximate time it will take to complete an online application , assuming that you fulfill all the prerequisites.

Sr # Activities Estimated Time
1 Register user 2 min
2 Select application category 0.5 min
3 Give card delivery details 1 min
4 Pay fee 2 min
5 Give personal details 10 min
6 Upload photograph 1 min
7 Upload supporting documents 1 min
8 Print,scan and upload urdu form 5 min
9 Submit application 0.5 min
Total estimated time 23 min

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