Hum Awards 2017 Nominees List Complete

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Hum Awards 2017 Nominees List Complete. After Lux Style Awards, Hum Awards is the second highest award ceremony that held every year to acknowledge and honor the talent and contributions of singers, actors, play writers, producers, and directors associated with the Hum TV productions along with awards in the category of fashion and music, dubbed a roaring success by the media and viewers critics alike from its very first show.


Hum Awards 2017 Nominees List Complete

Hum Awards 2017 Nominees List Complete

Hum Awards 2017 Nominees List Complete


The annual Hum Awards also contain special segments to honors those celebrities who have played a vital role in shaping Pakistani showbiz and entertainment industry.  This year again the award ceremony will feature a combination of viewer’s choice awards and categories selected by a panel of judges, comprising some of the finest names from the Pakistan entertainment industry.

The complete nominations list of Hum Awards 2017 has not been announced yet. However, we have to get the names of few nominees for Hum Awards 2017. According to sources, currently, Urwa Hocane and Farhan are leading the list of nominees with five nominees on their name.


  1. Urwa Hocane- Best Female Actor  for “Udaari.”
  2. Farhan Saeed- Best Song for “Koi Rokay Na Mujhe.”
  3. Urwa & Farhan- a Best couple for “Udaari.”
  4. Farhan Saeed- Best Supporting Actor Male for “Udaari.”
  5. Farhan Saeed- Best Music Video for “Koi Rokay Na Mujhe.”

Hum Awards 2017 date has not been announced yet. It is expected to announce soon. The overall process of Hum Awards 2017 will start from online voting that will lead to rehearsals, digital lounge, live coverage, photo frame and in the end, will end on promotion on social media platforms.

Online voting will be starting before the 15 days of Hum Awards 2017 ceremony. The user will be able to vote on Hum TV website page.

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