How to Change Zong MBB Master Number

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How to Change Zong MBB Master Number. The Zong MBB device interface has a lot of options and one of is Change the Master number from the interface. This thing makes the device unique as compare to another network.But a lot of people don’t know what Zong MBB number is and how to change it. Not to mention that this option wasn’t available before.


How to Change Zong MBB Master Number

How to Change Zong MBB Master Number

How to Change Zong MBB Master Number


The Zong master number can be any operator that you have to register while buying MBB devices. This number provide flexibility of adding and removing packages. Also, you get the notification SMS on that phone number.

When Zong launches the Wingle device, there isn’t an option to change the number, and you have to go to a head office with your original ID and MBB device for the request to modify the number.

But this year 2017, the company has updated their device software and provide a lot of options for users so they can easily manage the device quickly.

Let’s have a look the user guide to know how the Zong mobile broadband interface is different as compare to others.


User Guide and portal features of Zong

What is Zong MBB Nnumber

All of Zong Mobile Broadband Wingles, USB and MIFI have a special Data only SIM card packed with the device. This SIM called MBB number, and it can be used only in MBB device you have purchased.

You can’t use this SIM in any other device or smartphone since the voice calling is blocked on this SIM. And only the internet and SMS/USSD is enabled on it.

You can find the MBB MSISDN on the MBB Sim Jacket. You have to keep this jacket with you because this number will be used for recharge or load and also use for subscribing/change MBB internet bundles.

How to Change Zong Master Number

When you buy any Zong MBB device, the Zong representative will ask you for a MASTER NUMBER. This number can be Zong network or any other you are using on your phone.

When you provide your personal number, it will attach to your MBB device, and you will receive product-related information via SMS from time to time.

let’s have a look step by step guide how you can change the number.

First of all just connect your device to your laptop or computer, and it will open an interface in the browser automatically.

If it isn’t open the portal then just type URL in the browser Address bar to access portal and hit enter.

MBB device portal Login Screen

It will show Popup window for user name and password. To log in, you need to enter username/password which is by default is “for username and password.”

After successful login, you can see an option of Update My Master Number at the home screen and simply press it. Here is screenshot how the interface will be look like after login

update my master number

Another popup will appear for entering New Master Number and Enter Your MBB Number. You have to put both numbers.

In the Master number field, you have to put your new master number, and for the MBB number, you have to put your MBB device number which you can find on SIM jacket.

MBB interface Maser Number

After doing this, only press sends button; it will take few second and change your number. You will get the notification SMS on the portal and also in attach the number.

That’s it. Hope you find this article useful and helpful. I have got few message that the people don’t know the process of doing this that’ the reason I decided to write an article on it and guide you.

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