Zong Internet Share Offer

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Zong Internet Share Offer , Zong Share your Internet Offer .Zong Data Share Bundle . Zong Share 4G Internet . Zong 4G Internet Share Package. Zong 4G Data Share Bundle.


Zong Internet Share Offer

Zong Internet Share Offer

Zong Internet Share Offer

Data Share Bundle

Zong now introduces an amazing way to share mobile internet with your friends and family members wherever they are! With Zong Data Share, you can share your data bundles with upto 10 friends and family members. All members can simultaneously enjoy mobile internet with uninterrupted internet browsing, surfing, and online gaming on the go! Zong Internet Share Offer.

Only ONE person has to buy the data share bundle, whereas all the added group members can enjoy it without any charges as long as the subscribed data share bundle volume is available.

Offer Mechanics:

Data Share Bundle: Price (Rs)
Monthly 5GB 500
Monthly 10GB 900

How to Subscribe:

Dial 64645# & follow the following steps

  • Step 1: Create Group
  • Step 2 : Subscribe to a bundle
  • Step 3 : Add member & start sharing!
  • Zong Internet Share Offer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will happen once data share bundle has run out of volume?

Group owner & all the group members will be charged as per their base data package if they have one. If not, they will be charged at the standard out of bundle rate of Rs.1/MB within bundle validity period.

Can Data Share bundle co- exist with other data bundles?

Data share bundle will be consumed first. Once its if fully consumed, group member’s own data bundle will be consumed next. Zong Internet Share Offer.

Will a customer have to create group every time he buys a new data share bundle?

He/she will be sent an intimation SMS while added in the group and bundle is shared.

Can MBB & Internet SIM numbers be added in the Data Share group?

No, MBB & Internet SIM numbers are not eligible to be added in Data Share group.

How can group owner check his Data Share bundle usage?

Dial *6464*5# >4>1

How can group member check his Data Share bundle usage

Dial *6464*5# >4>2


For More Detail Please Visit : https://www.zong.com.pk/value-added-services/mobile-internet/internet-promotions/data-share-bundle

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