Valentine Day Islamic Message Video 2017

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Valentine Day Islamic Message Video, In Islamic Point of View Valentine day is totally against the good society. If you show love before marriage for someone then you will lost your love for your family. Beaware from these anti-Islam activities. Be Muslim & keep in your Islamic Limits. If you save your self then your family will be also saved. You may watch following videos having a look in Valentine Day in Islamic Views.
February 14 of every year is considered as valentine day in whole world. Now February 14, 2017 is coming, So I decide to write some more words for my Islami Brothers & Sisters.

Valentine Day Islamic Message Video


Valentine Day Islamic Message Video

This videos have a message about valentine day. What you do you will get result. In this video a boy get money from his father and go for celebrating valentine love day. His father don’t know about the valentine day. when he come home he show his flower to his father which he got from girls in the name of love. But he lost his sense when his father said that his sister bring more flower then you.

Morel: Before flirting other girls remember that there is also girl in your own home like sister, daughter, mother etc.



Valentine’s Day in Pakistan Video.

This video is about criticizing the Valentine day in Pakistan on the basis of Islam. Pakistani’s Muslim peoples organize a rally to literate Muslims that this day does not belong to us (Muslims).

Video of Valentine’s Day by Madni Channel

This video is created by Madni Channel which is an explanation of Valentine’s Day in Islamic point of view. Islami Bhai of Madni Channel is mostly growing preachers of Islam in Pakistan and whole of the world.


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Jazak Allah.

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