PTCL EVO CharJi Packages

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PTCL EVO CharJi Packages

PTCL EVO CharJi Packages

PTCL EVO CharJi Packages

CharJi EVO

The new frontier beyond your imagination!

Gear up for an extreme communication experience with the next generation of fixed wireless Broadband – Charji EVO.  Become a part of the long term Broadband evolution and brace yourself for superior browsing and snappy downloads.

PTCL EVO CharJi Packages.

Speed is the name of the game for Broadband Internet service today, as customers are taking advantage of smartphones and apps to help manage their busy lives. With Charji EVO we’re giving you the ability to do it faster when you read an email, send photos, check the news and do much more, anywhere, anytime. We’ve built the Nation’s fastest wireless services network to help you get the most out of the fixed wireless Internet. With Charji EVO  get ready for a truly seamless connectivity experience; No wait, No buffer time, No lag — Charji gets you connected to your online world in seconds.

PTCL EVO CharJi Packages.

Being the fastest network available means download speeds four to five times faster than 3G networks, enabling faster downloads, instantaneous uploads, real time gaming, extremely fast movie downloads and speeds that literally make you stream like a dream. From surfing the web to watching movies, from getting social with friends to sharing pics or playing games; Charji EVO gives you the power to do it all instantly on the country’s fastest wireless network.

PTCL EVO CharJi Packages.

CharJi Tariffs:


Device Price

       Product Upfront Cost    Free Air Time Billing Modes
Charji Cloud -B Rs.3,500 Nil Prepaid/Postpaid
Hauwei Charji Cloud  Rs.3,500 Nil Prepaid/Postpaid
Charji Cloud-A   Rs.3,500 1 Month Prepaid/Postpaid
Charji  Wingle  Rs.2,500 Nil Prepaid/Postpaid

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PTCL EVO Packages

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Monthly Recurring Charge:


Packages Volume Monthly Line-Rent Monthly Line-Rent Inclusive of 14% WHT
Charji Starter 20GB Rs.1,800 Rs. 2,052
Charji Chrome 30GB Rs.2,500 Rs. 2,850
Charji Gold 50GB Rs.4,000 Rs. 4,560
Charji Unlimited  Unlimited* Rs.6,000 Rs. 6,840


Additional Charji Bucket at Rs.500 for 5GB.
Monthly line rents are inclusive of taxes across Pakistan.

PTCL EVO CharJi Packages.
*FUP of 100 GB applies.
14% WHT Applies.

Business Rules:

  • Offer is valid on both prepay and postpay bundles.
  • 5 Gb Bucket for Rs. 500 available upon volume exhaustion on both prepay & postpay.
  • PTCL EVO CharJi Packages.
  • Maximum of 2 Postpay bucket charges billed in monthly invoice per month.
  • Unlimited number of bucket recharges on prepay.


Service Availability:

  • Walk-in at any PTCL One Stop Shop.
  • Authorized retail outlets.
  • PTCL EVO CharJi Packages.
  • Selected TCS Outlets.
  • Free home delivery through .



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