Haider Sultan Ruling With His Innovative Tweets

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Haider Sultan Ruling With His Innovative Tweets. In a world of social media where some people are busy copying others’ innovative ideas and uploading those copied ideas without giving them a credit is just too common now. Is this not unfair? this seems like people have forgotten a thin line difference between copying and following, but anyway the creativity can be copied, but can’t be stolen. Likewise, if we talk about social media’s ingenious and talented person we can’t ignore Haider Sultan, who has been tweeting innovative tweets which are rolling in everyone’s news-feed since his creativity is being shared by most of the pages.


Haider Sultan Ruling With His Innovative Tweets

Haider Sultan Ruling With His Innovative Tweets

Haider Sultan Ruling With His Innovative Tweets

Moreover, being a student of Psychology, Haider Sultan has been ruling with his tweets in everyone’s mind for almost 2 years and he is still tweeting his creativity with his heart out. On the other side, his creativity can’t be ignored, so prominent pages on Facebook started sharing his tweet which worked as an ignition for him and he started his own page naming it “Haider Tweets”, as he says:


“Famous fb Pages like PENDU PRODUCTION and Ziada English na Jhad eminen ki olaad etc were used to post my tweets I thought “why shouldn’t i make a page for myself?”

In addition, after going through his tweets and posts, everyone gets a question mark on their minds like “How does he come up with these relatable tweets?”, so being a great observant he says:

“Roz ki routine mein say hi kuch na kuch funny mil jata hai, aisay idea aajata hai.”

Furthermore, he has been managing his social media life and personal life very well. Since he is a student, but kicking out all the excuses and passing all the hurdles professionally, he says:

“Studies k sath manage hojata hai bas, Weekend per zyada time daita hun page per Working days mein classes ki wjah say itna nahi.”


Here are some glimpse of his Creative and Innovative Tweets:

Here He Has Transformed This Simple Breaking News Into His Jocular Style




Howbeit, being an inspiring personality Haider Sultan reveals the ways to use social media for entertainment, as well as showing your talented side to the world. He has proven the people that they can rule the world by their humor and inventive ideas. On the other hand, he has also proved that the healthy brain,great vision and most importantly, being a strong observant can make you come up with unique ideas, since your mind doesn’t need money to think, so rather than copying ideas, be like Haider Sultan who gives an inspirational note to a youth by saying:

“Improve your sense of humour and if you’re using social media then you should be broad minded.”

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