How To Convert Your SIM To Zong

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How To Convert Your SIM To Zong.Without changing your existing mobile phone number, you can easily convert your sim to Zong network by following any of the 3 methods for conversion of sim to Zong network.You can also check Zong MNP online at the official website.


How To Convert Your SIM To Zong


How To Convert Your SIM To Zong


How To Convert Your SIM To Zong

1st Method:

  • Visit any Zong Customer Care Center or Zong Franchise with your original CNIC, its photocopy and the original SIM of your existing network from which you want to port out and join in Zong network.
  • Your thumb impression will be verified by biometric verification system, your existing sim will automatically be converted into Zong network within 3-4 days until the signals die out in the original sim.
  • Put sim achieved from Zong franchise into your handset.
  • Enjoy Zong network packages and services.

2nd Method:

  • Call on the Help-Line number i.e. 0314-3334455 which has been set exclusively for the intention of mobile number portability.
  • Follow the instructions and procedures that the IVR tells you.
  • You can also talk to a customer representative officer at the Zong help line number i.e. 310 or 03311333100 to have an improved perceptive of the procedure of converting sim to Zong network.

3rd Method:

  • You can also port to Zong network via Zong online MNP portal.
  • Visit Zong official website.
  • In the 1st tab, enter your mobile number.
  • Click on the generate Pin code.
  • In your mobile phone, a 4-digit code will be received.
  • In the 2nd tab, type your code along with your full name and address.
  • Submit it.
  • You receive a confirmation from Zong about it.


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