Telenor 3g Daily Lite Bundle

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Telenor 3g Daily Lite Bundle is a cheapest package for low usage users. You can get 50 MB 3g internet in only Rs. 12/- for one day. No time Limit, This offer is valid for whole day. Telenor is fastest 3g growing network in Pakistan. In my point of view Telenor 3g is available on more places then any other network in Pakistan. Telenor brings you the best-in-class 3G with faster speed, unparalleled coverage and affordable rates with the 3G Daily Lite Bundle.

Telenor 3g Daily Lite Bundle

Package Price: Rs. 12.00 incl. Tax

Bandwith: 50 MB

Validity: The subscription is valid for 1 day.

Activation Code: *345*141#


It is time to break away from the mundane, and invite excitement and curiosity into your life with the Telenor 3G Daily Bundle, offering 100MB of data.

Offer Eligibility:

All djuice and Talkshawk customers are eligible for this offer.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Prices are inclusive of applicable taxes. (if any)
  • Default rate usage without subscribing to bundles will be charged at 12 Paisa (incl. tax) / 10 KB.
  • After Rs.59.75 of daily charging on default rate further usage will be completely free for the rest of the day (Fair Usage Polocy of 1.5GB).
  • 3G bundles will work both on 2G and 3G.
  • Telenor 3g Daily Lite Bundle
  • 2G bundles will not work on 3G.
  • Video Call:

Charging will be Rs2.99/5 minutes.
A video call capable phone is required.
Both parties need to be in 3G area and have 3G Video Call capable phone.


Is Telenor 3G Different from 2G?

Yes, Telenor 3G is different from 2G. The Telenor 3G network will run on best in class HSPA+ technology to give subscribers access to high speed internet. Telenor 3g Daily Lite Bundle

How do I activate Telenor 3G?

There is no activation mechanism. Telenor 3G is on by default. To use Telenor 3G, you simply need to be in a 3G coverage area and have a 3G capable handset.

What speed will I get on Telenor 3G?

Speed varies with a number of factors, including the handset, coverage, network traffic and number of users accessing the 3G network at a particular point of time. However, as Telenor 3G utilizes the best in line HSPA+ technology, it can provide best in line quality, fulfilling your need for speed. Telenor 3g Daily Lite Bundle

Will Telenor 3G Bundles work in 2G areas where there is no 3G coverage?

Yes, 3G bundles will work in non 3G areas but the customer will get Edge Speed. However if you have both 3G & 2G Bundles then 2G Bundle will be consumed first.

What will happen if I change my Price Plan after activation of Telenor 3G Bundles?

Telenor 3G Bundles will be deactivated, but Telenor 3G will remain enabled. You will need to re-subscribe to Telenor 3G Bundles. Telenor 3g Daily Lite Bundle

For More About this package you can visit Telenor Website by Clicking Here.

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