Shami Kabab Recipe in Urdu

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Shami Kabab Recipe in Urdu. How to make shami kbab. Shami kbab. Shami kabab banane ki tarkeeb in Urdu. Recipe of Shami kbab. Chicken Shami kbab.How to prepare shami kabab. Traditional Shami kabab. Shami kabab recipe.

Shami Kabab Recipe in Urdu

Shami Kabab Recipe in Urdu

Shami Kabab Recipe in Urdu

It is a very Delicious dish. It is a very popular dish. Most of the people Like this dish. It is very easy to make. We can make this in short time.It includes in  Healthy food. All ages people can eat this dish.

Now I tell u a very easy method to make this dish.

Shami kabab Recipe.

Shami Kabab Recipe in Urdu


  • Chicken Boneless ——————1/2 kg
  • Chnnay ki daal———————100 gram
  • Sabat Laal Mirch——————-10-15
  • Namak (salat)———————–hasbe zrort
  • White zeera————————1 spoon
  • Pissa Gram masala———————1 tea spoon
  • Dhaniyaa powder—————–2 spoon
  • Oil (ghee)————————-1 spoon
  • Water—————————hasbe zrorat
  • Piyaaaz (onion)————-1 adad

Garnishing k lye Ingredients

  • Bareek katti piyaaz (onion)—————–2 adad
  • Hari Dhania———————————-Half ghutti
  • Podina—————————————-Half ghutti
  • Egg——————————————2 adad
  • Hari Mirch——————————-5-6


Daal ko Achi trha wash kr len.

Phir is me namak, laal mirch, piyaaz, safaid zeera, dhania powder, adrak lehsan shamil kr k is ko pakny k lye rakh den.

jab daal gall jae to is me chicken daal kr pkny k lye rakh den.

Jab chickec gll jaye or paani khatm ho jae to is me Grm masala daal kr achi trha mix kr len.

Jb daal or chicken gall jae to is ko lakri ki doi ya daal ghotny se achi trha bareek pees len.

jb daal or chicken achi trha bareek pees len to is me hari mirch, hari dhania, piyaaz, or podeny ko bareek kaat k shamil kr len. or egg  mix kr k tikkian bana len.

or phir in tikkion ko oil me fry kr len.

Shami Kabab Recipe in Urdu

Shami kabab

Delicious Shami kabab tayyar hain.

Shami Kabab Recipe in Urdu

Shami Kabab Recipe in Urdu

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